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Astro-Bot Tees Have Landed

We designed this shirt to go with a few new pieces from a relic wearable art series we created to accompany some of the ZAKAR Collection Pieces we’ve been creating.  Purchase now for fast delivery, ask about design pricing for your business.. Click Link Below

Onyx Unit 1-2

We’ve been making some changes around here and one of those changes included making our books available to the public from sources like Amazon and others. They’re available for every device so you can read on the go

Hollow Bones Redux is available on Amazon now

More of the story available in Extended graghic novel format available for all devices EPUB Mobi PDF, Word formats click picture to view on Amazon 

We’ve been working to get all our books on Amazon and here’s one our latest released for digital download for mobile, tablets and all your devices. Download it here

Good Morning everyone, I’m pleased to announce we’re moving forward with the Space Brothers Project on Patreon check it out here.

March of the Minis

Puphet the Dark Watcher, We know he’s a menace yet so adorable. Battle Tested Warrior Approved Get em while they last.



Hollow Bones Set Walker action figure by CLIF

Here’s your official first look of the Set Walker action figure from Hollow Bones 2. Join the campaign here and get perks & rewards in real products and services. Pre-order figure below & follow us @ https://igg.me/at/concepts


3RD Sun Entertainment is done with the cute stuff, our new line of figures is different to say the least. We’re gearing up for the release of Hollow Bones 2 and this is the lead character Set Walker available for purchase with an estimated release date of November. Pre-Order this figure on our Concepts on Demand Indiegogo Crowdfunding Page. Purchase Hollow Bones 1 for all your devices in your choice of epub, mobi, pdf, ect at the links below.

Thief Liar Killer

It’s been a while since we hit the market with a new book, now finally after a 2 year hiatus 3RD Sun Entertainment returns with a brand new tale of revenge. TLK or Thief Liar Killer is a prequel before the release of Hollow Bones 2 order it now at Barnes and Noble in Epub, Mobi, PDF ect

Onyx Unit

Onyx Unit was created as tribute to anime and giant monster or kaiju films like Godzilla and Pacific Rim. The story center around 9 women and their efforts to keep ancient machines from rising up and destroying the earth. What was first believed to be solely an alien invasion is actually the earths defense systems activating to stop the global threat that is mankind. If you love giant monsters, cool technology and female action heroes this series is for you.





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